Monday, March 2, 2009


Simple, yet satisfying.  Virginia experienced a snow storm, or at least I thought it was a lot... and a little scary to drive in last night when it was about 5-6 inches.  I drove slowly and with control, which apparently is the way to drive when you're in the snow from what I've been told.

This morning after my standard healthy breakfast of Fiber One and soy milk, I made a large ball of snow for Jim's head (the kids named the snowman Jim).  They made another bigger one they named Chewbacca.  Both of snowmen fell after a short while.  

I made a snow penguin in the front yard and named him Dave.  He took me about two hours to make!  I built my first snow creature and made my first snow angel.  When I got back from work hours later, Dave was still proudly standing tall.  I was very excited.

Silly, but if one were to draw from the examples of the snow creatures-snowmen that tumbled quickly in harsh conditions vs. a snow penguin who stood firm, one might come to the conclusion that the penguin that was worked on diligently for hours stood firm because there was dedication and care put into it.  The snowmen were made by children who have yet to learn patience.  One was large but was not well put together, he was lopsided and soon tumbled.  In order to be firm on solid ground (Christ) we need to get into His word and remember 'I have hidden Your Word in my heart so that I might not sin against You' -Psalm 119:11.  We need to be diligent to get into the Word and study it so that we might be on the solid ground and steady through times of trial that will test us.

After the eventful morning of firsts, we went into work.  On the way home we noticed the roads were thawing which was a good sign.  I am praying that the roads will be clear tomorrow when we go into work and that there will be less accidents and people will drive safely.

Fun day.  I finally got to build my snowman and complete another life goal without even leaving the yard.  :)  Thanks God, more prayers answered.  I knew You would... all in Your timing.  'You are the Rock, Your works are perfect and Your ways are just.  An upright God who does no wrong, faithful and just is He.' -Deuteronomy 32:4.

-run for life