Thursday, July 15, 2010

catch up!

I need to catch up on blogging from my road trip since I haven't taken the time to do so since I was in South Dakota. I've been more content to chill and bum around. I'm currently at Anita's in Anaheim and am getting ready to pack up Lazarus for one last hoorah up the coast through SLO and back to the bay. I'll be home on Saturday.

Since I last wrote, I've acquired an "official" boyfriend, I mean, it's facebook official, so it must be a big deal right? Today has been one month since we've become boyfriend and girlfriend officially. Unfortunately, it's long distance, but I don't know, I've gotta feeling about this one. We'll see how this works out. Spent 8 years not dating and coming up with more pre-requisites that my future boyfriend would need to have when I eventually had one. I think I hooked a good one this time, I don't foresee having to throw him back into the ocean anytime soon.

Gotta pack up Laz and head out to SLO. I'll try to actually catch up on the last month of my life soon.

- run for life