Saturday, April 18, 2009

woman with a plan

I have reviewed my short-term goals since I got back to VA. I've become much more cheery with my prospects. After I'm done with all of my school and tests (by 2011) I should be: Jill O, MS, RD, CSSD, CNSD. Then in 2011 after I've passed the CSSD, I want to study for and take the ACSM HFS, which will tack on more initials to my name. I pray that God will see me through. I know that his plans for me are the best and I pray that my will is aligned with His. I will understand if all of my plans are not completed if it is not His will, but I am glad that I know what the next two years look like.

I think I'm at least 5 shades darker than I was in February but when I look at myself, I still look sickly pale. I guess I'm just used to home. With God, I'm ready for the world. I'm ready for anything. I need to get back into the swing of things and maybe figure out how to fix Safari on Jac. I'm tired of Safari crashing every time I open a link to a new web page. They're not even anything bad! Mostly it's just links from e-mails or trying to open another tab so I can look something up while keeping the web page I was on still open so I can go back to it (school stuff mostly).

God I'm tired (when I say things like that I'm talking to Him-obviously NOT using His name in vain). I need to get on EST. Good night.

-run for life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

april thoughts

I often wonder if time goes by more quickly when you've gained life experience because you have a daily routine and responsibilities or because we're more patient. Of course I can still grow in the area of patience. I often feel like I jump into things & need to take a step back. Looking at my calendar I wonder if I can fit in more vacations and get out to the West Coast more.

I went back to California for Easter and hung out with my sister, her boyfriend, and our cousin. It was fun. I made it to Petco finally and have 25 stadiums down (technically 23 since the Mets and Yanks opened new ones so I am going back in July-I already have my tickets). Seattle will be done in June and my 7th state marathon as well. I need to figure out if I can get another state in before 2009 is over. I wonder if I can find some that are close back to back, like Delaware and Rhode Island. I was thinking about going home for the Nike Women's marathon too since some of my friends run it.

It's already April. March weather was ridiculous here in Virginia. It snowed the 1st weekend, was 83 degrees the next, poured the next and then was sunny again. April hasn't been much better as it rains, the wind blows, and my longing for home grows.

Should God allow me to move home next year, I'm going. I can't wait to be done with this state. I know it's quite bad, but I really dislike Virginia. The weather is terrible. All the talk about relationships and wanting to get married is way over rated. I'm not saying I don't want to get married, I do. I just think it's ridiculous to have regular conversations about other people's relationships (or non-relationships) because it turns into gossip and slander. Unless someone gets engaged I don't think it's that exciting when people get together. Maybe I'm still a covert pessimist. Nick encouraged me to be more positive... I've tried, but I wonder if I have ever taken that to heart.

The crystal blue waters of the Pacific are calling me. I want to say the end of 2010 is the longest I can handle being here. Then I need to get a new job and move home... after traveling in Europe and then road tripping across the nation in style (I pray that Lazarus will still be around).

I'm still on West Coast time. It's almost 2AM EST and I need to get to bed.

- run for life friends.