Sunday, November 29, 2009

black Friday

I wonder if it's called black Friday because people wake up before it's light out and line up at the stores... Who knows. My first black Friday experience was at home... I think in 2004 with one of my best friends from high school. We went to Fry's in the dark. I think we stood in line a long time and I remember I got a dvd player for my computer and we got monitors (I think he still has his)... I ended up returning mine later because that trip back to school was the one in which my car spun into the semi and was totaled. I needed to save money to get a new car/the motorcycle I ended up getting was awesome even though my dad made me sell it later.

Back to the present: I decided to check to see if Target had movies on sale: I wanted UP and the Proposal (way girlier than my normal movie selection, I know, but it's so funny). I looked at the ads, the Proposal was $8.99 and UP was $13. They also had a nice Kodak digital camera with 10x optical zoom and a GPS... so I went and got the camera, GPS and two movies. I checked the Kohls ad since Kohls is right next store to Target where I live and saw they had the Magic Bullet for 39.99... I got it but when I checked the receipt... you have to do rebates. Eww. I don't like rebates. I'm going to return it and the waffle maker because there isn't really a point to having them here, I'm sure I can get them elsewhere for the same price when I move back home.

I have tons of stuff to return to REI when I pick up the stuff I ordered last week. I also made my own TRX to use on the door frame (thanks to REI's 1" webbing). So, I've got everything I wanted for Christmas: The Proposal, UP, a TRX, digital camera, GPS, Harry Potter 1 (from England-The Philosopher's Stone), Harry Potter 7, and a new necklace for my cross pendant since I keep breaking it. Since I use swagbucks, I was able to get my HP1 book free and my necklace. HP7 was only 11.15 including shipping. I definitely recommend using swagbucks. it's awesome. I've already used $35 of gift cards since I started using swagbucks in September. If you want to sign up (it's free) - use this link:

I used my TomTom GPS yesterday when going to Williamsburg Plantation. The sales guy was nice but I still can't justify buying a timeshare. I am too cheap and that locks you in to payments and you feel obligated to go... I'd rather camp out and sleep in hostels. Hotels? Yeah right. Maybe when I get married and go on my honeymoon. Otherwise I'm content to sleep on a friend's couch and the back of my car. At least I got my 'gifts' out of it. I got a $100 VISA gift card and a $25 Panera gift card. I wanted a $50 Panera gift card but they ran out so I got a $25 Panera and $25 Applebee's gift card. Hiliary and her sister Erin met up with me for dinner after the tour thing at Applebee's so I just threw in the gift card there and went home with $125 more than I started with when I set out for Williamsburg. Once they figure out you really aren't going to buy their stupid time share they really aren't very nice. I'm glad I didn't get sucked into their silly sales pitch.

Time to do homework. Thanksgiving week is over. I need to send my postcards for Christmas out too. Last time in VA. So glad. Twenty four more days until I fly home for Christmas. Two more weeks of school, then ONE more quarter and I'm done with school forever (at least for now, but I doubt I will get a hankering to go back to school to get my PhD later).

-run for life

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a whole new world

I forgot how much I love reading. To become lost in another world, no worries of your own. I forgot I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (number/year 7) and borrowed it from a co-worker. I began reading only to discover I had already read it a few chapters in. (I wondered why it seemed so familiar when I started.) Reading it anyway, I decided to re-read through the series, currently reading book 6 - the Half Blood Prince.

Don't worry, I won't go into detail about Harry Potter. Mostly I miss reading. Transporting yourself out of the real world into a fantasy land that no one can corrupt. It reminds me of the days when television was more wholesome. Before movies and books began to be full of crude humor, desensitizing the public to atrocities that should not happen. Selfish human beings playing on others insecurities and feelings to make money.

I used to read all the time. I know it's a weakness-the love of reading. Curiosity like mine. When I begin a book, I have a hard time putting it down until I'm finished. When I read the Harry Potter series I finished 1-6 in less than a week. I began reading The Kite Runner on the bus one morning on the way to school and on the way back I read some more. Once I got past chapter 5 on the bus, I had to continue reading. I needed to know what was going to happen. I finished the book the same night. The Lord of the Rings is quite a large trio of books, but I finished those just as quickly prior to the movies on the big screen. Less than 2 days to finish all 3 of them. And I wondered why I was voted 'biggest book worm' in the 8th grade polls. Oh well. At least reading is a beneficial thing, albeit I didn't think it was great to be known for being a 'book worm' at the time. It's interesting to see how we've grown and changed over time as we look back on the past. The past helps to shape our future, our present choices will stay with us and our future awaits us. Here's to living in the present so that the future shall be bright.

- run for life

Saturday, October 24, 2009

glance back

It's interesting to think about really living in the moment. So often I feel like I'm looking back and then making plans for the future. Don't get me wrong, God's definitely made my life interesting and enjoyable. I just don't want to miss anything. I want to live in each moment and really live.

When I think about it, maybe it's school. School always makes you look toward the future and make plans for afterward. In college I imagined what life would be like when I finished at Poly. Now that I'm done and have been done for over 2 years... I'm still in school. I have less than have a year left of school. I can't wait.

Tomorrow morning is the Marine Corps Marathon. Another adventure to see all the sights DC has to offer. I figure taking the train will be the easiest. Hopefully I won't be too tired in the morning. It's already 9:30PM. One of these days I'll have to train and run with someone. I wonder how different that will be.

Oh, today the rain out near Annapolis was crazy. There was SO much standing water on the streets and freeway. My heart was racing, I thought I was going to die for a minute. It may have been less than a minute, but hydroplaning is very scary. Lazarus swerved. Luckily I was in the center lane and there were no cars on either side of me. As I swerved into the right lane, I tried to hold the steering wheel steady as Laz quickly jolted into the left lane. Eventually I hit dry ground again and was able to straighten out. I slowed down, way down. I can only imagine what happens when it's colder and icy. Needless to say, I am looking forward to driving back home and avoiding driving as much as possible.

- run for life

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the green monster

It's September 6th, which means it's nearly time for the All-You-Can-Jet era to begin! I'm so excited. I suppose I should recap August before I let you in on a preview of my post-Labor Day adventures since I'm so behind.

Besides ending up spending over 7 hours in the ER at MCV one Saturday night (actually the night I went up to Glen Allen, so the last time I wrote an entry... and don't worry it was not for me, but for a friend-that's a story in itself), August consisted of 3 weekends of missing home. I've never felt homesick as much as I have here. I miss the weather (no humidity, no rain), feeling in shape & healthy, exercising outdoors whenever I want, and my friends and family. I've been working a lot and teaching more classes at the YMCA lately. I got an A in my MNT (medical nutrition therapy) class... I felt like I had to get an A because I am currently a clinical dietitian which means I do MNT for a living... but I didn't want to study because I am lazy/I do MNT all the time. So, I didn't study and I still got an A. Good times.

I went to Boston and hung out with Donovan and her roommate Sam. It was awesome. We explored the Pilgrim Line... aka the Freedom Trail together. It was the first time for all of us to follow the red line around Boston and see all the old historical sites from Paul Revere's house to the oldest tavern in America. I finally went to Fenway. We sat in the bleachers to the left of the green monster. I saw 3 bombs go over the green monster, 4 HR total. I was less than impressed. I felt like the 'monster' should be more difficult to hit a HR over it. I still really liked the park and the historical feeling of the city and that you could walk around it. 'Walker friendly' as some people call it. I have also decided that I LOVE cannolis! They are so glorious with their delightful fluffy chocolate mousse filling and ribbons of drizzled chocolate over the top. Just another one of God's gifts to people.

I worked last weekend and this weekend spending my days off cleaning and organizing what I'm going to take home while taking a few breaks to have lunch with friends. I drove out to Staunton, VA where my friend Shannon lives. She goes to Mary Baldwin College which is affiliated with the ASC or American Shakespeare Center. Apparently it's the only place in America that has authentic Shakepeare productions. You have to go to London to have a similar experience. I loved the production of Henry the IV, Part I that we went to see. We were perched on stools on the stage where the rich people would sit during Shakepeare's time so that everyone could see them and their embellished attire. We went to Italian food before the play, watched it and hit the Split Banana for some gelato in a waffle cone afterward. The next morning before I had to leave we went to breakfast a little outside of Staunton toward the highway and I had a fabulous waffle with blueberries and whipped cream. I was reminded of how much I dearly love my waffles. I'm definitely tempted to bring my Belgian waffle iron back to Virginia with me when I go home for my mom's birthday. However, I know if I brought it, I wouldn't have time to use it very often and I wouldn't want it to get dirty downstairs amongst the children's cereal on the counter and random roaches. Ugh.

After breakfast I drove 2.5 hours to Petersburg, went to work and then visited Commonwealth Chapel's Saturday night service with Trina, Andre and Joshua. I may be making the Saturday night service my regular service once this All-You-Can-Jet month is through. I had to work this morning and then teach body sculpt at the Y. I feel like I'm always doing something or going somewhere. I am getting a little tuckered out. I need to get my rest so that I can be 'alive, awake, enthusiastic' for my adventures this month.

I'll be heading out to Buffalo, NY via JetBlue after work Wednesday night and driving to Niagara Falls which should only be 15 minutes, trapesing around there for an hour or so and then off to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays batting practice and game. After the game I'll head straight back to the airport and Friday morning at 5:50AM hop on a plane back to RIC for work that day. Saturday I'll head off to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The airport is 17 miles from the Florida Marlins where they will be playing the Nats. Not the best of games, but it fits into my schedule and I haven't been ultra picky thus far. That will be stadium 29. I will have only Tampa Bay left for the 2010 season. (That doesn't count the Twins because their new stadium - Target Field will be opening next season and I'll be going there too, but technically I will have only one left for next season since I've been to the dome already.)

The following weekend I'll be heading home since my mom's birthday is in September and there is an A's fireworks game that I will be attending with friends from home. The weekend after that I'll be in SoCal for an Angels vs. A's game (hopefully the A's will win) with Herny and friends and Anita's engagement party. The first weekend in October is the Portland marathon so I'll be in Oregon to hang out with Juice, Blair, Allie, Alyssa, hopefully Mersh and who ever else is in Portland this time of year.

I'm excited. Time to bum it up and watch a movie while resting for my coming adventures.

- run for life

Sunday, August 9, 2009

time goes by so slowly...

I feel like time flits by when I don't want to it and rushes past me when I want it to stop. I guess it's been almost 2 months since I last wrote. Since then I've been to Seattle and ran the inaugural Rock 'n Roll marathon there. I got a PR. I was pleased with the outcome especially because I didn't train very hard (I think the longest I'd run prior was 12 miles 3 months before) because my neck/shoulders were giving me a lot of problems in the 2 months leading up to the run. I also made it to Paul Riley's wedding. I was so excited to be there representing his West Woods friends on that special day. I also made it to Safeco with Bonnie where we had awesome seats - park 26. ;) It was so fun just chillin' and actually having a 'vacation' type time in Seattle while seeing old friends from high school including Michelle, Miya and Jimmy. Crazy there were so many San Leandrans up there!

July went by like a whirl wind and has left me gasping for air. I'm trying to keep up with running/working out/staying in shape more. I have 3 marathons I've registered for and 'homie don't play'. I am getting tired of just doing them. I want to race again. Today I was doing a little striding during my run and I MISS IT SO MUCH!!! AHH! I LOVE going fast. The way your body works mechanically together in perfect motion (pending injury).

In July I was pretty sick from allergies/life in Virginia. I managed to make it home for Jecca's wedding! I made it to 2 Oakland A's games even though I was only in Oakland/SL for about 36 hours. :) Good times were had at home hanging out with good friends.

I got up to NY and hung out with Rach and a bunch of friends from California including my mochi sister Sandra,which was awesome because I had just hung out with Yuri while in Seattle and had gone to Leilani's wedding in October last year. Now we all just need to get together for once! I can't wait for that to happen. It will be glorious.I went to Yankee stadium dressed in full Oakland attire which is only the appropriate response considering the A's were in town to play the Yanks. Monday night I went to a Mets game with Rach, Carrie and Andy which was a lot of fun! I love going to games with friends. I'll go by myself... but it's more fun with friends for sure.
This month is focused on getting school work done... and then going to Boston to visit Donovan. I'm stoaked for that.

I've got to go up to Glen Allen now... so farewell for now.

-run for life

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

last spring

I find it so interesting how people can take something said by another and perceive it in so many ways. Two people (both guys, I wonder if that has something to do with it) both said, "I thought you liked it here" when I said I was planning on moving back home as soon as possible after I finished my Master's Degree. I laughed and shook my head. I tried to think of a single time when I was thinking, "wow, I'm glad I'm in Virginia." I couldn't think of a single one. I guess that's kind of sad and mildly pathetic because I want to be where God has called me and I want to live for Him and live joyfully. I need a lot of grace and I cannot for the life of me see how I someone in my circumstances (without God) could ever be the slightest bit happy about Virginia.

I do like traveling, but I would hope that I would do that if I were living at home. When I think about it, it's probably not as true. There is a lot nearby on the East Coast, everything is so close together. (I'm trying my best to think of benefits to living out here. My mind quickly jumped to... 'well, there's not really a need to go to another state because we've got everything in California anyway.' Like I said, I need a lot of grace. God really needs to change my thoughts because I can't do it.) The more I contemplate and attempt to find good things about living in Virginia, the more discontent I become. The more I want to go to a South American or Central American country and live amongst the people and help them. The more I want to take BART or ride my bike to the water. The more I despise driving and loathe trying to stay awake on my commute to and from work much less when I'm traveling somewhere.

These pictures are from Hatteras, North Carolina - known by the people here as the 'Outer Banks' or 'OBX'. It was quite comical to me that I drove over 200 miles to camp with people I had met once and ended up hanging out with a girl I just met on that trip and am now really good friends with. I am often so amazed. God really has a sense of humor. One of these days I will look back and thank God that I lived in virginia. Maybe all of the mosquito bites are building up my immunity and reminding me to put on bug repellant so I'll be ready for the rain forests when I go to Costa Rica and zip through the trees. There are so many possibilities. Here's to 54 more weeks.

-run for life

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mersh, chicken, & attic journals

Reminiscing the 'good 'ole days of San Luis Obispo conjures up memories of First Presbyterian Church SLO.  It was there that I walked into the church not knowing a soul except for Christ Himself.  I can only say that it was Jesus Himself that prompted me to go alone and sit next to a couple with whom I am still in contact with every now and then via email and letters that I dearly enjoy.

I remember getting to know some of the college students who attended the church and meeting at the Hokits, the pre-Front Porch days including a worship-washed out by the ocean-bonfire.  Fun nonetheless.  Mersh was the Youth Director and oversaw the college students during the transition time... I remember going into her office and plopping my life story into her lap.  A relief to get it off my own shoulders, things I'd been carrying alone for so long.  God tells us to "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." -Galatians 6:2

We became good friends over the years from youth group to when I cleaned her house when she lived behind the health center and got Santiago [chicken] for the first time.  I remember when she decided to begin making journals and still have the 'Fat Men from Outer Space' journal she gave me for helping her cut pages for all of the journals.  [Am I glad that paper cutters were invited!]

Attic Journals was born in a small house on East Foothill Boulevard behind Cal Poly's health center in San Luis Obispo, CA when a woman named Michelle Sanders who had a dog named chicken decided to start making original journals using children's book covers.  What a fabulous idea!  She's very creative from house decorations to sending people random objects in the mail.  Journals are something that we use to express ourselves.  However, not all journals are meant to be read by the world which means that the cover must tell a little something of ourselves but not bare our souls to the random passerby.  Thus Attic Journals are a perfect solution to the query of which journal expresses your inner child and joyful spirit the most yet remains affordable and stylish.

There is something about writing your thoughts that allows you to process them and re-read them later, almost like a history book of your life from your perspective.  You can learn from your mistakes and see patterns in your life that you might not have noticed so easily.  Online blogs are the journals of today... but nothing beats sitting by the ocean writing your thoughts, hopes, and dreams in a handmade journal that you can physically hold in your hands and stash away for another time when profound thoughts will flow from your pen onto the paper in front of you.

Honestly, I prefer handwritten journals to blogs because you can carry them with you anytime anywhere and you don't have to worry about who may come across your entry.  I'm a doodler and while taking notes on a sermon or message I tend to draw pictures with my notes and it's not the same on the computer.  I tend to feel like I'm writing a paper for school when I am tapping away on Jac's keys [my Mac is named Jac if you weren't aware yet].

Remember the good times, learn from the not-so-great and share with one another in order to lighten the load and fulfill the law of Christ.  I miss SLO.  I find myself a little jealous of the people who are left there in the small town where biking is widely accepted and even encouraged during bike to work week.  The beach less than 12 miles, hiking across town, rock climbing down the street, and friends sprinkled across town.  I suppose that's why they say you should enjoy college while it lasts because there's nothing like it.  It's true, especially when you've lived in a place like San Luis Obispo and 'learned by doing' at Cal Poly.  There's so much more to say, but it's past my bedtime.  I miss home.  I miss my family and friends, the Pacific, the glorious dry heat/weather, and hypoallergenic atmosphere.  One more year.  God will see me through until the end.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.

- run for life friends

Monday, June 1, 2009

may '09 recap

I missed the entire month of May! I love May most, I guess I just got too caught up with life and everything to do. I went camping at Douthat State Park with the Richardsons and Doody CG the first weekend of May, then to New York for Rachel's birthday fiesta and worked the third weekend. NEXT was Memorial Day weekend and I just worked this past weekend as well. I made it to my 3rd MLB park this 2009 season (San Diego, DC, & Baltimore so far) with more to come. I love traveling and baseball. When they're combined, that just makes it so much better.

I feel like I am plagued with lack of sleep and a lot of neck pain in a addition to my usual aliments. I wonder if it's because I'm older or because I am just as injury prone as I've always been. June is already filling up with (hopefully) 2 weekend trips to the beach, a working weekend and Seattle for Paul's wedding, the Rock 'n Roll Seattle Inaugural Marathon and a Mariners game at Safeco.

NEXT was good (the new New Attitude). I had been dreading it, with lack of communication and not really knowing anyone who was going (due to lack of communication, it turned out there were about 70 people from our church, I just had no idea until after I was already there). It worked out better though. I hung out with new people and made new friends. I prefer that, rather than only hanging out with friends I already know and see all the time. Not that last year wasn't good, it was, I just like meeting new people.

My favorite speaker was Kevin Deyoung. He is a pastor from Michigan and he is HILARIOUS. I definitely want to get and read his book, 'Just Do Something!' He went through the latter half of Luke 8 and I was impressed with his simplification and break down.

He went through and noted (my notes not his, this is what I thought was important):

1) You do not rebuke something unless you believe it's going to obey.  Clearly, Jesus knew who He was while everyone else was just beginning to understand.  [ex-Jesus and the storm, he said 'peace be still' and it stopped].

2) the disciples and witnesses were MORE afraid after Jesus performed the miracles [the demon called Legion scared them, the storm scared them, and the girl dying was sad, but they were MORE afraid that Jesus was able to control all of these things, instead of feeling better or impressed: they were filled with FEAR-clearly he was more than human].

3) These miracles were not a test of Christ's power. Jesus barely says a word and miracles happen. [they were simple/easy for Him].

4) Christ's holiness is more powerful than your uncleanliness. If you touch Jesus -> you become CLEAN! [ex-woman who touched His cloak and stopped bleeding after TWELVE YEARS! The law said that you're unclean if you're bleeding and if another person touches you-you became unclean as well. Not for Jesus. He is so holy/pure/clean that you become clean if you are unclean and touch Him.].

5) You cannot exhaust God's grace [ex-saying, 'I can't forgive myself = MORE SIN, YOU CAN'T FORGIVE YOURSELF, HE MUST FORGIVE YOU! It's not that you feel bad, it's that you don't feel BAD ENOUGH.]

Finally, my favorite point. (6, I guess) Deyoung states that Christianity is 'anti-Disney' which I never thought about, but it's true. He says, 
"You will NOT be a Christian unless you stop believing in yourself."
Which is a great statement. We must believe in Christ, we must believe in His power. We need to remember that Jesus is the Lord and Savior. "The closer you get the more you love Him & the more you get a little scared." - K. Deyoung

Another good point he had, "the goal of youth group is boring testimonies!" He also says that the sins biggest in the church today are 1) sexual sin and 2) self righteousness. Being tormented by Satan is better than being proud [ex-Paul with the thorn in his flesh-God gave it to him to keep him from being conceited].

D.A. Carson and Sinclair Ferguson were also very good. I am too tired to write about all that, but I definitely need to re-listen to the messages.

God please help me to make it through the last 4 weeks of these 2 classes and finish them with satisfaction that I glorified You in the process. Please help me to prepare for my summer class and do well in that. Lord You know what I need, please help me to sleep more and be content in all areas of my life. Thank You for leading me and guiding me and saving me from what I cannot handle.

- run for life

Saturday, April 18, 2009

woman with a plan

I have reviewed my short-term goals since I got back to VA. I've become much more cheery with my prospects. After I'm done with all of my school and tests (by 2011) I should be: Jill O, MS, RD, CSSD, CNSD. Then in 2011 after I've passed the CSSD, I want to study for and take the ACSM HFS, which will tack on more initials to my name. I pray that God will see me through. I know that his plans for me are the best and I pray that my will is aligned with His. I will understand if all of my plans are not completed if it is not His will, but I am glad that I know what the next two years look like.

I think I'm at least 5 shades darker than I was in February but when I look at myself, I still look sickly pale. I guess I'm just used to home. With God, I'm ready for the world. I'm ready for anything. I need to get back into the swing of things and maybe figure out how to fix Safari on Jac. I'm tired of Safari crashing every time I open a link to a new web page. They're not even anything bad! Mostly it's just links from e-mails or trying to open another tab so I can look something up while keeping the web page I was on still open so I can go back to it (school stuff mostly).

God I'm tired (when I say things like that I'm talking to Him-obviously NOT using His name in vain). I need to get on EST. Good night.

-run for life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

april thoughts

I often wonder if time goes by more quickly when you've gained life experience because you have a daily routine and responsibilities or because we're more patient. Of course I can still grow in the area of patience. I often feel like I jump into things & need to take a step back. Looking at my calendar I wonder if I can fit in more vacations and get out to the West Coast more.

I went back to California for Easter and hung out with my sister, her boyfriend, and our cousin. It was fun. I made it to Petco finally and have 25 stadiums down (technically 23 since the Mets and Yanks opened new ones so I am going back in July-I already have my tickets). Seattle will be done in June and my 7th state marathon as well. I need to figure out if I can get another state in before 2009 is over. I wonder if I can find some that are close back to back, like Delaware and Rhode Island. I was thinking about going home for the Nike Women's marathon too since some of my friends run it.

It's already April. March weather was ridiculous here in Virginia. It snowed the 1st weekend, was 83 degrees the next, poured the next and then was sunny again. April hasn't been much better as it rains, the wind blows, and my longing for home grows.

Should God allow me to move home next year, I'm going. I can't wait to be done with this state. I know it's quite bad, but I really dislike Virginia. The weather is terrible. All the talk about relationships and wanting to get married is way over rated. I'm not saying I don't want to get married, I do. I just think it's ridiculous to have regular conversations about other people's relationships (or non-relationships) because it turns into gossip and slander. Unless someone gets engaged I don't think it's that exciting when people get together. Maybe I'm still a covert pessimist. Nick encouraged me to be more positive... I've tried, but I wonder if I have ever taken that to heart.

The crystal blue waters of the Pacific are calling me. I want to say the end of 2010 is the longest I can handle being here. Then I need to get a new job and move home... after traveling in Europe and then road tripping across the nation in style (I pray that Lazarus will still be around).

I'm still on West Coast time. It's almost 2AM EST and I need to get to bed.

- run for life friends.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Simple, yet satisfying.  Virginia experienced a snow storm, or at least I thought it was a lot... and a little scary to drive in last night when it was about 5-6 inches.  I drove slowly and with control, which apparently is the way to drive when you're in the snow from what I've been told.

This morning after my standard healthy breakfast of Fiber One and soy milk, I made a large ball of snow for Jim's head (the kids named the snowman Jim).  They made another bigger one they named Chewbacca.  Both of snowmen fell after a short while.  

I made a snow penguin in the front yard and named him Dave.  He took me about two hours to make!  I built my first snow creature and made my first snow angel.  When I got back from work hours later, Dave was still proudly standing tall.  I was very excited.

Silly, but if one were to draw from the examples of the snow creatures-snowmen that tumbled quickly in harsh conditions vs. a snow penguin who stood firm, one might come to the conclusion that the penguin that was worked on diligently for hours stood firm because there was dedication and care put into it.  The snowmen were made by children who have yet to learn patience.  One was large but was not well put together, he was lopsided and soon tumbled.  In order to be firm on solid ground (Christ) we need to get into His word and remember 'I have hidden Your Word in my heart so that I might not sin against You' -Psalm 119:11.  We need to be diligent to get into the Word and study it so that we might be on the solid ground and steady through times of trial that will test us.

After the eventful morning of firsts, we went into work.  On the way home we noticed the roads were thawing which was a good sign.  I am praying that the roads will be clear tomorrow when we go into work and that there will be less accidents and people will drive safely.

Fun day.  I finally got to build my snowman and complete another life goal without even leaving the yard.  :)  Thanks God, more prayers answered.  I knew You would... all in Your timing.  'You are the Rock, Your works are perfect and Your ways are just.  An upright God who does no wrong, faithful and just is He.' -Deuteronomy 32:4.

-run for life

Monday, February 9, 2009


That sick feeling at the pit of your stomach that creeps up to your throat is very unappetizing. When tears stream and the thought that throwing up might help get rid of it? Conflicting interests flit through my mind. I should be happy.

I'm glad that God's plans are the perfect ones. All I can do is trust that it will happen in His perfect timing.

I need Your help God. I need Your help to turn head knowledge into heart knowledge. Please God. I run to You for consulation. I run to You for everything.

- run for life

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Consistent. Certain circumstances have tossed me into a heap of confusion. For me this turns me to the Truth. My heart hurts, my mind is disoriented and my body is plagued with issues. The only thing that keeps me focused properly is faith. Believe. One might say for me to be living up to my name - believing in the Hero.

I am not perfect, nor never will be. It's only 22 days into the new year and I've already missed 2 days of quiet times. The percentage can get smaller, but I'm kind of glad it will never be perfect because I feel like that would develop into pride and Satan would be able to attack me in that manner.

The joy that reading every morning brings is so unlike any other joy throughout the day. I pray that this burning desire will be fueled more and more each day. I pray that God will use what I'm gleaning and teach me more about Himself, His glory, and promises.

With all things in life, whether we originally perceive them as good or bad, 'All things work for the glory of God for those who love Him'-Rom 8:28. Therefore even if things may seem bad, because I trust Him and love Him, God will be glorified somehow. Even if I don't see it right away, a week from now, a month from now, sometimes it may be years from now that I will figure out what God was trying to do. I feel like I am cultivating this aspect of my life more. My responses initially may be negative, but I remind myself of the truth-that God is working through the circumstances that I may not appreciate or enjoy. (We discussed this at women's CG last week, it was interesting because everything people were saying are things I tell myself on a daily basis.)

How easily we forget! Daily, hourly, even minute reminders would help immensely. Reading through Genesis and Exodus (I'm just going straight through until the end like I did when I was a kid) I can quickly judge the Israelites and scoff at them, pridefully (sinfully) thinking, "how could they grumble and complain, wish to be back in slavery, or horde manna when God clearly has shown them sign after sign of His power?" Then I look at my own broken, sinful, shameful human existence and realize to my own dismay and sadness that I do exactly the same thing. I was the one who drove the nails into Christ's hands and feet. It was my sin that held Him there. He went through so much pain because I wasn't satisfied with what God had given me, because I wanted more, because I was jealous, because I coveted, because I judged, because I sinned.

Oh, how glad I am that the Holy Spirit entered my heart and opened my eyes. How much I rejoice that Jesus was the ultimate gift of love-for me. How could God love me? Once because He made me, and twice because He bought me-with the blood of Christ.

When I remember these things daily, other worries or anxieties that I had seem insignificant. I know that God's plan is best. I will follow where ever He leads me. Regardless of where He asks me to go, what He asks me to do, I know that He will give me grace and the talents and gifts to glorify Him through whatever task, where ever. I praise Him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank You Lord for choosing me. Thank You for adding kindling to the fire, so that I yearn to know more about You. So that I have to learn more about You. That it is a desire of my own free will to read Your word and invest more time with You. I thank You that You have integrated continuous prayer in my life from a young age, where I feel as though You are my most constant friend, my best friend. I talk to You daily, throughout all my activities and life. It's more of an open-on going conversation. I know You are listening. I know You answer my prayers. My spoken and unspoken prayers. I know You will answer the longings of my heart.

-run for life

Monday, January 12, 2009

so fresh, so clean

Spare time is so few and far between.  From attempting to spend time with friends and get work and school done, I feel like the 'processing' time is short.  

A new year signals to many a new beginning, a re-birth if you will.  To me it is another year.  Each day I look forward to a new beginning, each moment I praise God for giving me yet another chance.  Oh how I am so glad that Jesus' blood covers past, present, and future.  I could never make it even a fraction of an hour without Him.

To review 2008:  the year was filled with ups and downs.  Life changing decisions hindered on what God would reveal to me in His time.  I prayed continuously, listening intently for His voice.  I completed a few more life goals, visited more ballparks and missed friends from home.

After my dietetic internship, I passed the RD exam on 7/11 and caught a firefly the next night.  I got my first salaried, full-time job in Petersburg, VA and have benefits.  I now have health insurance again!  God has been so apparent and has blessed me with everything I could ask for, everything I need.  I got a job at the YMCA as a group exercise instructor and am hoping to start teaching in March.  Currently I am enjoying the free membership that being an employee brings.  I ran in the pool and swam today.  It is a lot harder than I remember!  I'm still waiting on my new Supernovas to come in the mail so I can run.

Na was amazing and I listened to John Piper live for the first time.  It was so delightful to hear from someone so candid who trusts so much in the Lord.  I was very encouraged and convicted all at the same time.

I started my graduate classes at Northeastern and will receive tuition assistance this year as a benefit from my job.

I still have allergies and get sick often.  I'm still praying that I will feel better physically soon.  Maybe I'll be able to sing again one day?  My throat is so sore it's been painful to talk over the past week.  I've been sucking regularly on cough drops in a feeble attempt to soothe my throat to no avail.

God has some marvelous plans I can feel Him preparing my heart and soul for something I cannot imagine.  I have been more emotional over this past year than I've ever been in my life.  I think it's got something to do with being so far from anything I know-it's like being in a foreign land.  (I mean, I did see an ice scraper for the first time in my life about a week ago.)

My verse of the year was Proverbs 19:21-Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.  All of my plans and good intentions are just that-plans and intentions.  The Lord's purpose trumps all of these and His plan is only for our good so I will continue to put my trust in Him daily and to life according to His will.  Though it is sometimes difficult and I get weary, He will continue to lift me up and guide my steps.

Here's to 2009.  More opportunities to share about Christ's love.  More chances to seek His face and live for Him.  I shall continue in my pursuit of glorifying Him.  With His help I will persevere through physical suffering, emotional trauma, and spiritual adversaries to sit at His feet.  My focus is only on You Lord, my Father.  I praise Your wonderful name and take in Your beautiful splendor.  Thank You for getting me through a difficult year.  I know that You will take me through another which will probably be just as hard.

-Live Simply, Live Fully.  Live for Him, Live like Jesus.  Run for Life.