Saturday, November 5, 2011


I used to blog more regularly and have more time to do things. Now I feel like I'm just caught up in a whirl wind and trying to hang on for dear life. I make Nathan lunch and dinner every day, sometimes breakfast too. Granted breakfast is usually instant oatmeal or pouring a bowl of cereal, but I still have to stop what I'm doing to do it... when it's instant oatmeal, he could just as easily do it.

I wish I could go home and live somewhere I could bike or walk to work. I can't stand living here and having to drive all across town even if it is only 3 days a week. I'm SO glad it's not 5! I often don't get enough sleep and get tired during the day. I am afraid to have children if this is what being married is like. I should probably just have my tubes tied. I feel like I am already taking care of a child sometimes, I don't know how women before me have done it with full time jobs and then preparing every meal for themselves and their husband ... and children when they have them. I will have to pray harder and pray that God will give me super human alertness and make me able to stay up longer and get things done more quickly.

No wonder Americans have turned to fast food and going out to eat. Long gone are the days of home cooked meals and sitting down at the dinner table. Now we sit and eat in front of the television and drive around in cars and are tired after being up all day working. I think America should institute the 'cesta' like they have in European countries. Afternoon chill out time. That would be fabulous! Sigh. On to putting together more lunch for Nathan when he goes golfing tomorrow morning with co-workers. Wonder what church will be like at night. I still would rather go to the church we always go to... sigh.

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