Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I feel like something's always happening tomorrow. I'm always trying to get things done so I can get to tomorrow. When will I just get to sit and rest in today? There are times when I feel like that's possible. There are times when I feel like I'm so far behind, even with no job or school, yes, you can get behind. I need to write about the San Antonio marathon in more detail. I don't know if I ever wrote about Mount Lemmon in detail, but I should see if that's happened yet. If I'm actually going to write a book about all these excursions for marathons, I'm going to need to keep up with it!

I feel like I accomplished more today than I have in a few days. I've been writing postcards all afternoon/evening for Christmas (all by hand!). I ran 8.5 today. I still need to pick up the pace, but at least I'm out there. There's nothing wrong with that. I ran mostly uphill because I was just trying to get going. Daddy was asking about engagement, marriage, jobs and where I'm going to live. I know he cares and is just worried, but it's frustrating the way he asks. I just need to remember that it's because he cares about me... and keep telling myself that.

I wonder often about the whole online era. Everything is seen online and even this blog, everyone can read it. People I don't even know could be reading my thoughts! Strange to think that people could read this right after I post it, somehow landing on my page through some sort of random search. Guess that's why I never put my full name so it's more difficult to find. I feel like I need to make my fb more private. I actually wish I didn't have it, but unfortunately it becomes more necessary these days to keep in touch because some people only use internet sources like email and fb to communicate. I mean, I finally got texts this past May and some people still use fb instead! I kind of want to get rid of texts or at least cut down on the amount, but with long distance it's kind of vital to have something.

Wonder how this is going to go when I move to Tennessee. I'm hopeful. I'll keep my hopes mostly to myself. I don't want to spread them around like wildfire and make people think something is more or less than it is. We shall see. I am praying that God will remain my focus and my guide. That I will always trust Him no matter what and that I will go to Him for everything. God will tell me what I need to do and where I should go. God please provide me with a job and a place to live!

- run for life

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