Sunday, September 23, 2007

bounce around

I'm caught up with my journals. I like to have my traveling experiences written down, so I can remember what I did, who I met and what I saw. It's good I have five gigs of pictures to accompany my journal too.

I think I may go bounce around on the trampoline instead of run... maybe I should run. Dang. I bounced for 12 minutes earlier today and I was tuckered out. Granted it was hot and the heat is humid here, but still! I should not be tired after bouncing a 5 year old around on a trampoline. I started doing crunches again the other day. We'll see how that works out.

The journals of my trips are super long. I should probably do it daily instead of all at once. If you read them, you must have a lot of time or pretend it's like a book. Then it'll pass more quickly. Don't worry, the entries from here on out should be shorter.

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Evo said...

hi, how are u there..?
good luck to you !!