Saturday, September 29, 2007


I really am a California kid, or at least a West Coast one. My clock says it's 2:51AM, yet I am still awake, not really super tired - like I would be if I was on EST. It'd only about 12 at home. That's my bed time. I am tired, but I should be zonked out by now. It's weird to wake up at 6AM here and run in the morning, I feel extra tired even though I went to sleep at 10PM. I wonder when my body will start cooperating with my brain.

I've been working on my mini binder for my clinical rotations. The organization freak I am has labeled A-Z tabs in the binder on index cards - it's an index card binder. I made copies of important charts I don't already have from our instructor's binder and have been making copies (it's grand that my printer can scan AND copy!) mini size (45%) so I can glue-stick them onto cards. I didn't think I would be using glue-stick this much since I graduated college, heck I didn't think I'd use glue-stick after elementary school but look at me go.

I feel like there is so much information to know. I wonder if I will get it all down. I know God is there to help me. It's great to know you've got back up. I guess that's why I am okay where ever I go, I always know that I've got G-O-D to get my back and that's pretty dang reassuring.

I am yawning now so I need to get to bed. Good night friends.

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