Sunday, September 30, 2007


What's the matter with feelings? I am apprehensive to start tomorrow. I hope that I can get to the right place! I am leaving 2 hours early even though it's only supposed to take 1 hour to get there. (6:30am!) That's early. I will probably be closer to 7am leaving here but I want to wake up at 6:25am and then eat and go. I am worried that I will get lost or confused again and frustrated.

I am trying to push my fear of hospitals and give it to You God. I want to do this to glorify You and I hope that I can serve with a joyful heart. I know I have to do things I don't enjoy for the big picture, to get to the goal. I know that You have amazing things planned for me and I want to honor that by getting through this internship. Please help me to go into this with a heart of service and a heart that wants to learn and help the people I may come across.

Please watch out for me. Please help Anita over in Japan too. I hope everything is going well out there. I hope that dad and mom have a safe trip to Japan too. I hope that their visit is beneficial to everyone and that they can be happy when dad meets his grandkids.

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Anita said...

yay, i can finally read your blog! usually have sporadic internet with sonic wall filters &/or Japanese text; gotta love it. hope work at the hospital is going OK. i'm praying for you! i'm way behind in clinic, but i just talked to Christina & she gave me some tips & is praying for me, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. just have to keep reminding ourselves that God is bigger than our fears, & nothing is impossible with Him!