Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another one bites the dust

Life goal #524: see the sunrise over the ocean-check. I went with the Salims, Kelsey, and Joanna to Nag's Head in North Carolina. It was fun, mainly running and splashing in the ocean. I got up each morning I was there to see the sunrise. My body wakes up at 5AM without an alarm so it worked out pretty well since sunrise began around 5:30AM. I loved running on the beach even though it was hard and I thought I might pass out a few times from dehydration.

I attempted to play my guitar on the beach, mostly just trying to rebuild my calluses. Natalie made a big deal about it, I just wanted to practice. I guess it was neat. I love the strumming and the crashing waves together in harmony... or as much as I could. I need to become more disciplined in the area of music... and get my djembe.

As usual I did handstand pictures and jumping pictures around the beach and on the dunes. I probably should have taken more pictures but Kelsey and Natalie had their cameras too.

There were also sand dunes which I LOVED. I ran across the tops off them straight on down without a pause. It was awesome. I was thinking it'd be a grand place to zorb... really scary but amazing all at the same time. I could have spent hours and hours just running up and down the dunes.

I love the big blue. Waves crashing, sand squishing between my toes, sun beating down, shells to be discovered, fish to be caught and eaten, friends to be made, frisbees to be thrown, soccer balls to kick, and life to be lived. I miss being able to go whenever. I hope that I can go again soon.

-run for life

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