Saturday, June 21, 2008

reflections on RT 2008

Good times to be had traveling. I am seriously considering saving all my money for my Europe, Australia, South Africa, and South America funds... and that is what I will probably do unless I can get a traveling job which would be optimal. I am praying hard regarding the job topic.

It was awesome meeting new people, talking to random people at games, and seeing new sights. I prayed every time I got in the car and tons throughout the day. I was going to go to the Pittsburgh Sovereign Grace church the first Sunday, but I didn't know how to get there and I woke up pretty late/realized I had nothing nice enough to wear out there anyway. God was definitely watching over me and I pray that I represented Him well during my 2 week journey.

Everything worked out perfectly. Despite floods a few days before tormenting Wisconsin before I was to arrive, the waters receded just as I made my way across and up to Minnesota. I didn't get lost despite driving back roads to Milton and into residential areas in huge metropolitan cities. No one disturbed me while I was sleeping in Lazarus. Lazarus worked... even though he had been finicky two days prior to my departure from VA. God is good, so good to me. Countless more blessings happened while on the road that I couldn't write them and I am probably not even aware of all of them.

It really is amazing how many wonderful, generous people there are. All of the news only shows what people will pay to see, the bad things going on in the world, but there are good deeds done every second of the day throughout the world!

I calculated my total cost (including Lazarus having a full tank of gas in the driveway right now which is about $40 worth of gas, so technically it'd be the total minus $40) to be $672.34-more than I was hoping to spend (I was shooting for under $500, the games were more expensive than I thought!  $22 for standing room in Milwaukee!  $21 dollar "cheap" seats at the White Sox and mad crazy expensive Stubhub tickets for the Cubs add up!) but in the long run, worth it. Gas is only going up and I won't have time to drive around the nation when ever once I start working-especially with all of these weddings coming up!

Praise God for allowing me to have this experience and being right there with me.  His creation is so astounding.  I am forever in His debt-especially for Him helping to keep me safe while falling asleep at the wheel and knowing when I needed a break/nap.

-run for life.

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