Wednesday, September 17, 2008

there and back again

Life keeps on flitting by. I feel like I've done a lot, but there is much to be done. I attempt to stay on an even keel and hope for the best-preparing for the worst. I know God is watching out for me. I can tell that He wants me to be here. It's funny how comforting that is. The small fact-yet immensely huge and I don't know how anyone would be able to be somewhere if they didn't know God wanted them there. I continue to be amazed at how fast my paychecks go each month. I know it will lighten up with less plane tickets and no school payments, but wow. I can't wait until I'm no longer a student! People can save so much money!

I went home the first weekend of September. This past weekend was my only chance to make it up to Philadelphia and back before the season was finished. So I went. I drove straight toward Philly after I finished at work and stopped off at a refill station in the middle of I95 somewhere in Delaware to go to the bathroom and sleep in Lazarus' trunk. I got up-went to the bathroom again and continued on my way in the morning toward Pennsylvania. I parked in the ballpark/stadium parking lot and took the subway up to downtown Philly. There I met Cap and Dave-two ex-foodservice directors who were now bus drivers. The stories they had to share. I asked them about cheesesteaks and they were on their way to eat some, so they invited me to join them. A mainly vegetarian being, I was excited to eat a Philly Cheesesteak-a REAL Philly Cheesesteak. It was delicious. I also had In-N-Out Burger twice when I was home for 2 days.

I went to the Phillies game and caught a ball from Suppan, one of the Brewers pitchers. I was excited. It was a good day, humid, and kind of disgusting, but an over all good day.

-run for life

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