Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am glad I live in America and am an American. Even though I get people asking me "where are you from," expecting me to say some Asian country, I am a proud born & raised Californian. We are so lucky to have a voice in who leads our country. Although the tide has turned from red to blue, we have been on a roll with presidents maintaining office for 8 years for the past two.

I feel like no one will ever be satisfied. There are pros and cons to both sides. I am registered under a party simply because I want to vote in the primaries. I claim to be non-partisan because I do not agree with either side.

I have friends and family who were pushing hard for either side-democratic and republican. While I do not need to go into detail, I understand the plight of both sides and the reasoning behind both choices. I believe that people should be informed voters albeit-it is difficult to do so with the media skewing things to sell a scandal.

Relief flooded over me last night as my head hit my pillow before the votes were even counted. I am tired of people publicly bashing each other. Will there ever be an election based on the character of the person and their policies without speaking poorly of the other candidate? Some are complaining about "dead people" voting for Obama, do I need to say that stuff like that has happened every election for both parties? I mean, I hope it evens out if both parties do it, but it's not really necessary to point it out when it happens on both sides every election-it's like pointing out the speck in someone's eye when you have a mammoth log in your own.

I'm already hearing the complaints about the new president and it's only been 1 day. He's not even president yet, he's just the president elect. I'll continue praying people do not resort to violence and that this nation will one day know God. Four years ago I listened to the angry cries of "he's not my president!" when Bush was re-elected. I told them then and I'll say it again: if you are an American citizen, he's your president. I voiced my opinion by voting and now we have a man waiting in the wings to begin his term as president of the United States. I will support the man whom the nation has appointed to lead us, this does not mean I will support all his actions and policies, but I will not slander a man I have never met just like I do not want to gossip or slander against someone I have.

Regardless of who is my president or not, I keep my focus on God-Our creator, Sovereign over all & always ultimately in charge. He is the one who planned this moment and this day before time began, He knows when the world will end, He knows the exact moment of every detail of each of our lives. The president is merely a man, a sinner with flaws, who must obey God's laws just like the rest of us for he will stand one day in judgement. God will determine if he truly believed or not, not me or anyone else. I pray that God will give direction and guidance to Obama while he is in office.

I lift up our president and our country to you God. I pray for those who are excited and those who are discouraged about the results. I pray for those that will be affected by this-the United States and the entire world. I pray for the soldiers at war. I pray for the countries and their citizens who are under attack or have terrorists in them.  I pray for the people who are in need in our country and others.  I pray that God will always be our Guide and our Light no matter what.

- run for life

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Brynn said...

this is a really good post, jill - it really gives me a good perspective on the election. :)