Friday, December 21, 2007


I don't have any more homework or class due in 2007. Wow, I feel so relieved that I'm done with school for 2 weeks. Praise God for that! It seems like the year has gone by so quickly. I feel as though my life flits by as I try to struggle and keep afloat. All I do is homework, homework, homework, work, work, work without getting paid. I know I need to stop and rest in Your presence more, please help me to do that. I would like to create and invest in relationships here in Virginia, I know You want me to do that too. I have more friends now, but none that are super close. I always feel like everyone already has someone to confide in and they always come off as though they don't need anyone else... then I tend to hang out alone and wonder if I'll ever find people. I know I should just suck it up and put myself out there; I guess I try, but not hard enough.

I wouldn't say that I "like" anyone per se, though there is a particular gentleman I would definately not mind getting to know better. I do feel a little too wise though; maybe that's just my imagination. Of course, glancing through my last post, it seems I will be going for a minimum additional 2-years of single-hood. We'll see, God's plan is my plan - I just roll with His flow. Christmas is so soon, I haven't done any Christmas present stuff yet. I REALLY want to play soccer. I wish I was going home so I could play in the alumni game! I miss those girls. That reminds me, I need to get in shape again. I ran about 3-3.5 in 28 yesterday without breaking a sweat. I'm doing a little better, at least I'm no longer sick. Time to go run.

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