Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas party uno & Runs

*Dec 2: I totally forgot to write about the Christmas party I went to last Sunday... probably because I was so tuckered out from it! I went with the family and hung out with the chillins. I was spinning KayleySue around and around and I was getting dizzy so I went out into the main foyer-area and some how got roped into being the other bigger kid's "horsey". Remember those days? You'd climb on each other's backs and they would crawl around on all fours? Yeah, so three kids on your back on hard tile floor HURTS your knees like nobody's business. I bet I had at least 100 pounds on my back. Crazy. So I started running around with them on my back piggy-back style which is much easier... but hard when you have 10 kids chasing you hitting your bottom yelling at you to "mush" or something. In all I guess it was good because I got a workout and the kids had fun, but man, I was tired. Am I getting too old for this?

* Dec 4: On Tuesday I ran down highway 15 in Farmville, also known as Farmville Road. Unfortunately even in Farmville icky people honk at you. I was wearing an In-N-Out Burger t-shirt and shorts which I don't think is super attractive, but I don't know anyone who needs to go that way and I definately wasn't in their way. It was breath taking. I ran out to the golf course and it was about 4:30PM so it was getting closer to sunset. Through the bare tree branches you could see the brillant pinks and purples of the sky. It was amazing. I definately need to run in Farmville more often. I am a big fan of running out to the golf course. I'm hoping it won't get too cold for that.

* Dec 7: I went running yesterday with Skylar, the family's dog. I was running around Sunday Park, the park that is aobut 3 blocks away and I saw an older gentleman walking his two dogs. I noticed he was trying to catch up with his first dog because it didn't have a leash on so I slowed down. He got the leash on and Skylar started barking at his dogs and they pulled him. His feet flew from underneath him and he landed on his back! Luckily he landed in a pile of leaves so I think he wasn't hurt at all, just startled with two dogs pulling on their leashes. I was so scared he was injured and angry with Skylar! Why can't she just get along with other dogs! I didn't take her today when I went running for fear of her knocking more cute little old men onto their backs.

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